Pet Policy

Gorsuch Property Management loves their animals as much as you do. That being said, some of our properties do allow pets and we will clearly indicate that in the property description. If the property does allow pets, there is a one-time, non-refundable $250 pet fee due at lease signing on top of the deposit. There is also a $25 per month additional rent charge per pet up to two pets per household.

  1. Your renter’s insurance should specifically cover animal liability with your dog breed listed. We will ask for proof of renter’s insurance when you sign up through to do your background check.
  2. We will also need verification from your previous landlord that your pets were well behaved and did not cause any damage to your previous rental.
  3. The animal cannot have any history of aggression.
  4. Cats must be spayed and neutered and you will need to provide vet documentation.