Hidden Gems of Fairfield County – Lockville Canal Park

In my series, Hidden Gems of Fairfield County, I will be showing places in and around the County that people, including myself, always seem to forget exist or forget why they are even around.

Today’s post will be about Lockville Canal Park located in Lockville, OH although the physical address is actually 5895 Pickerington Road, Carroll, OH. The park is open dusk to dawn, year round.

Lockville Canal Park consists of 8+ acres in Bloom and Violet Townships in the northern corner of the County. The land was acquired by Fairfield County Board of County Commissioners in 1983.

The park consists of three locks from the Ohio & Erie Canal. The Ohio & Erie Canal was a 308 mile stretch of canal that began in Cleveland and went south to Portsmouth to connect Lake Erie with the Ohio River. By 1911, the southern portions of the Canal were not being used much at all. In 1913, an enormous flood destroyed most of what was left of the canal locks. The tow path that runs beside the canal is easily recognized though at Lockville Canal Park.

Lockville Canal Park features three locks that are not completely destroyed – Lock South 11, Lock South 12 (Tennis/Tennat Lock), and Lock South 13 (Rowe Lock). Locks South 14-17 are just north of the park but are on private property. On most days, the canal bed is dry or some drainage is seen running through it.

Also at the park is the Hartman No 2 Covered Bridge. It was built in 1888 using the Queen Post Truss system. It spans 48 feet. It was originally Wheeling Road over Racoon Creek or Pleasant Run, east of Lancaster. Currently, it sits over the old canal bed between Locks 11 and 12 South.

The park also has a covered shelter area with picnic tables, a few parking spaces, and an information board that appears to be kept up to date with current events and information about the parks. You may also rent the covered bridge for an event.

Learn more about what other parks the Fairfield County Park District has to offer at their website – https://www.fairfieldcountyparks.org/

Below are some pictures I took while visiting this past week (April 6, 2020).

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