8 Ways A Great Real Estate Agent Can Change Your Life

A real estate transaction can be an exciting thing to experience, but it can also be nerve-wracking and stressful. Your experience will largely depend on the circumstances surrounding your transaction and, perhaps more importantly, the agent you’re working with.

A Year In The Life

It has been just over a year since I earned my Ohio Estate License and I wanted to share how the last year has been for both people considering getting their licenses and for my current and future clients. Here are some things I have learned.

Curb Offer

A curb offer is when a buyer makes an offer on a property without actually seeing the inside of the property. Generally this type of offer is used by investors to purchase a rental property but in today’s fast paced market, it has been…

June is National Homeowner Month. Here’s An Interesting Take On It

Are you aware that June is National Homeownership month? Probably not. Because you’re too busy working to afford the home you live in, whether you rent it or own it. Why should you care? If you poke around and read anything you can find…

Fraud in Real Estate – Wire Fraud

Fraud in a real estate transaction. Even if you’re not currently dealing with a real estate transaction, read this!

Open House Tips

Having an open house? Read these simple tips!

“Why do you want to be in real estate?”

Since starting real estate classes, I’ve been asked several times why I want to be a Realtor. In several classes, we have been asked for the instructor to go around the room, say our names and why we want to be in real estate….

Getting a Real Estate Sales Person License

As I stated in my introduction, I have considered getting my Real Estate Salesperson license since I was 19. I even enrolled in classes twice and then cancelled because I was not sure I could do it. I mean, I knew I could do it…

An Introduction (Of Sorts)

My name is Jay Mattlin and I was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio. Well, born in Columbus, Ohio but raised in Lancaster. I can remember growing up in a small neighborhood on the East Side and having neighborhood friends. We were all constantly…